THEY now bring this alluring cocktail to to the golden hits of the decade they so love and admire.
THERE'S a devillish twist to everything from "Let's Dance" to "I Just Can't get Enough" ... all the hits are here but like you've never heard them before.
CLASSIC performances that will light up the stage at your special event.
SETS are made to order both in length and material, so you can have the everything perfect - just the way you want it .
SO - for a refreshingly different take on the decade that just won't go away ...



DECADES may come and go - but it seems that the 80's go on forever !
WITH so many of those original bands back together - the crowds are queueing up to sample the magic once more.
IT'S also the age of the tribute band - paying homage to their heroes.
BUT stand by for something a little bit different!


EMBEDDED in their Depeche Mode/ Kraftwork musical roots - acclaimed Yorkshire synth pop rock trio Hands Of Industry are now launching their exciting new sister act 'Hands On The 80's' !
THEIR self styled 'Dark Dance' pop sees an edgy wall of sound complimented by searingly crafted vocals - topped with the visual/audio experience of a real rock drummer in its midst.