“Hands of Industry mean to remember those days when playing electronic music was not only a guarantee of being able to move your body and enjoy the songs at the clubs and on the radio. Also, their intent was the search for new languages through which perpetrate social behaviours of the punk and post-punk era… is mainly a triumph of 'electronic sound' comparable to the earlier New Order, Talk Talk, Cabaret Voltaire, Human League and therefore natural handover to synth-pop industrial music.” 
Alex Danielle, Ascension Magazine 

"Hands of Industry are a Leeds based band that specialise in Electro-Pop with influences that obviously originate from bands such as Depeche Mode and the Chemical Brothers, Hands of Industry's choice of sounds on the night closely resembled those of a cool 80s synth-pop band. The frontman Paul had an interesting tone in his vocals alongside 'wall of sound' instrumental arrangements. The band had many good points to their performance including a collection of catchy synth hooks and exciting chord progressions with a big '80s sound that engulfed the room from the start to finish of the band's set. Every track included a selection of different synth sounds for adding variation upon one idea to the next.”
Stefan Gandhi, Leeds Music Scene

“Hands Of Industry – 80s synth pop with a rather grandiose sub-industrial sound coming on very Depeche Mode but definitely their darker druggier schtick via a dose of Sisters Of Mercy, swimmingly well done as it goes.”
Bugbear Promotions

"Hands of Industry #1 in Tanzania!"